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Pilot Training

Learn to fly in Ardmore Flying School (AFS) one of the largest and well established pilot training school in New Zealand and become a strong, decisive and skilled pilot. If you are passionate about flying and want to become a commercial pilot, than this is an exciting time to train and fulfil your aviation ambitions. Leading analysts estimate there will be enormous need for new pilots globally for the next 20 years.

Aviation Courses

AFS school provides fully integrated ab-initio pilot training and all courses include theory tuition's (Ground School) and external exams conducted by CAANZ. You do not need student pilot license or prior ground training or flying experience to join AFS. Following are some of the popular pilot training qualifications and training programs offered by AFS:

Commercial Pilot License

Program includes Private Pilot License - Theory 12 papers - Practical 205 hours - Duration 12 months

Indian Program

Program includes CPL plus Multi Engine Rating (MER) and Instrument Flight Time (IFT) - Theory 12 papers - Practical 215 hours - Duration 15 months

Certificate in Aviation

Program includes CPL with Multi Engine Instrument Rating (MEIR) endorsement - Theory 15 papers - Practical 235 hours - Duration 17 months

Diploma in Aviation (Airline Preparation Strand)

Program includes CPL, MEIR, Airline Transport License Theory (ATPL Frozen), Basic Gas Turbine Knowledge (BGT) and Multi Crew Integration Course (1 week ground course and advanced Simulator training of 40 hours including 20 hours on Boeing 737 type Simulator) - Theory 23 papers - Practical 271 hours - Duration 22 months

Diploma in Aviation (Flight Instructor Strand)

Program includes CPL, MEIR and "C" Cat Flight Instructor Rating - Theory 23 papers - Practical 312 hours - Duration 22 months

Combined Diploma in Aviation (Airline Preparation and Flight Instructor Strand)

Program includes CPL, MEIR, ATPL Frozen, BGT Knowledge, Multi Crew Integration Course and "C" Cat Flight Instructor Rating - Theory 23 papers - Practical 345 hours - Duration 24 months. Combined Diploma students with high performance have the opportunity to be considered for 6 months internship and employment as Flight Instructors with the academy thereafter.

Fee Payment and Protection

Fees are payable in instalments and 1st instalment is payable after receiving In-Principle Visa Approval Letter" (AIP) from immigration New Zealand. Fees are paid in Public Trust Account to ensure that unutilised fee amount is fully protected and available for refund in the highly unlikely event of the school not being able to deliver the training program.

Admission Requirements

  1. Age 18 years or above at commencement of training
  2. High School with good grades in English, Maths and Physics
  3. Good English language skills (IELTS or PTE or TOEFL)
  4. CAANZ Class 1 Medical Certificate (CAANZ medical examiners are available overseas)
  5. At least an 'Average' score in Pilot Aptitude Test (ADAPT)

Students awaiting High School results can apply and if accepted will be offered provisional Enrolment subject to satisfactory results. Placement letter is issued against payment of commitment fee of NZD 500 adjusted against course fees.

Admissions Open

Admissions are open for ab-initio training courses starting on 18 June, 6 August and 8 October. We recruit no more than 20 students per intake from across the globe and admissions close once intake numbers are achieved.

Student Visa

We are the authorised representatives of Ardmore Flying School and will arrange your admission. We will also arrange your student visa. Contact us for course details, fees and admission, submit your student enquiry now.

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