We provide comprehensive immigration and student service as under:

Immigration Service

Contact us if you wish to apply for New Zealand visa or Australia visa. We provide comprehensive immigration and visa service and will:

  1. discuss your visa options;
  2. advise documentation required;
  3. apply for and arrange skills assessment for your nominated occupation (for Australia);
  4. apply for and obtain qualifications assessment if required (for New Zealand);
  5. prepare and submit your Expression of Interest;
  6. prepare and lodge your visa application;
  7. make submissions in support of your visa and related applications;
  8. liaise with your case officer and respond to queries raised if any;
  9. represent you throughout the service period until receipt of visa decision;
  10. advise you of policy changes if any that may impact your visa application.

Contact us also if you wish to respond to PPI letter from Immigration New Zealand or regularise your New Zealand visa status or appeal against New Zealand visa decline decision.

Student Service

Contact us if you wish to Study in New Zealand and Australia. We provide comprehensive student service and will:

  1. work with you in selecting an appropriate course of study;
  2. advise 'admission requirements' including documentation;
  3. assist you with preparation of your 'enrolment application' to required standards;
  4. advise 'visa requirements' including documentation;
  5. prepare and submit your student visa application and arrange your student visa;
  6. arrange appropriate visa for your partner and dependent children, as applicable.

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