New Zealand is fast becoming an attractive destination with increasing number of people from India, China, South Africa, Uk, Phillippines and more, seeking to migrate to New Zealand and live, work and settle in New Zealand. Contact us if you wish to move to New Zealand and apply for New Zealand visa.

New Zealand Visas

Provided hereunder is an overview and basic requirements of popular visa categories for skilled workers (skilled migrant category & work visas), entrepreneurs, investors, partners and parents of New Zealand residents or citizens:

Skilled Migrant Category Resident Visa

Skilled Migrant Category is an invitation only points based two-step residence visa for workers wishing to migrate to New Zealand and live, work and settle in New Zealand. This is the most common resident visa... More

New Zealand Work Visa

  • Residence From Work
  • Essential Skills Work Visa
  • Silver Fern Work Visa
  • Post Study Work Visa
  • Other Work Visas

Work visas provide a pathway to secure residence and settle in New Zealand. Work-to residence visa, essential skills work visa, silver fern work visa, work visa for partners of New Zealand citizens or residents ...More

New Zealand Entrepreneur Visa

  • Entrepreneur Work Visa
  • Entrepreneur Residence Visa

New Zealand Entrepreneur visa is for experienced businesspersons or senior executives managing entire business overseas, wishing to set-up or purchase a business in New Zealand and work full-time in ... More

New Zealand Investor Visa

  • Investor 2 Category Visa
  • Investor Plus Visa (Fast Track)

Investor Visa is for experienced businesspersons wishing to invest in New Zealand and apply for resident visa under Investor Visa Category. It has two streams - Investor Visa 2 Resident Visa and Investor Plus 1 Visa... More

New Zealand Partner Visa

If you are legally married or in a civil union or de-facto relationship (opposite or same sex) with a New Zealand resident or citizen and meet all of the partnership requirements you may qualify for New Zealand Partner... More

New Zealand Parent Visa

If you have an adult child who is a New Zealand citizen or resident, you may qualify for New Zealand Parent Visa to live permanently with your adult child in New Zealand... More


You may have number of countries and options available and wonder which country is the right choice for you and your family to migrate. To assist in your decision, we have given some interesting facts about immigration to New Zealand for your consideration. New Zealand:

  • is consistently rated highly in world rankings:
    • best country for Ease of Doing Business (ranked 1st);
    • least corrupt country in the World (ranked 1st);
    • safest country in the world (ranked 2nd);
    • best country for work-life balance (ranked 3rd);
    • quality of life (ranked 9th);
    • average adult wealth (ranked 5th).
  • has relatively high standard of living;
  • has world-class Education and Health facilities;
  • has temperate climate;
  • is sparesly populated with population density of only 16 people per Km2, compared to U.K. 225 people, Japan 337 people, India 416 people per Km2
  • is the first country to see the sunrise each day;
  • is the first country to give women voting rights in 1893;
  • Sir Edmund Hillary a New Zealander, was the first person to climb Mount Everest in 1953;
  • 94% of expats surveyed found New Zealanders 'Friendly' or 'Very Friendly';


Contact us if you wish to migrate to New Zealand and need professional assistance to apply for migration. We are New Zealand immigration consultants and provide comprehensive immigration and visa service from identifying a suitable visa option to preparing and lodging visa application and representing you throughout the visa processing period until receipt of visa decision. Call, email or submit Visa Enquiry Form.