Australia Skilled Migration (GSM)

Australia Skilled Migration (GSM)

General Skilled Migration (GSM) is points based two-step invitation only permanent residence (PR) visa program for skilled workers wishing to migrate and live, work and settle in Australia. Workers with qualification and experience in an occupation on the relevant Ausatralian skilled occupation list, meeting age, health, character and English language requirements, scoring at least 65 points may apply for Australian PR visa under any of the following visa streams:

Skilled Independent Visa

This is a permanent resident visa and you can live, work and settle anywhere in Australia. You do not need to be nominated by state or territory government or sponsored by a relative. You must nominate an occupation on relevant skilled occupation list, score at least 65 points to submit Expression of Interest (EOI). Highest scoring EOIs are selected from the pool every month and selection points vary according to the number of places available. Selection of EOIs in high demand occupations are pro-rated to ensure selections throughout the year.

Skilled Nominated Visa

This is also a permanent residence visa but you need to be nominated by an Australian state or territory government and live in the nominating state or territory for at least 2 years. Selection points do not vary and EOI is automatically selected from the pool once nomination is approved and Invitation To Apply (ITA) for visa is issued. States have their own occupation list (within the Federal List) and prescribed selection criteria (such as higher English score, Job Offer).

Skilled Regional (Provisional) Visa

This is a 4 year provisional visa providing pathway to secure permanent residence in Australia. To qualify, you must be nominated by a participating state or territory government in 'Regional Australia or Low Population Growth Metropolitan Area' or sponsored by an eligible relative living in a 'Designated Area'. You may apply for permanent residence visa after you  have lived in regional Australia or designated area for 2 years and worked full-time for at least 1 year in regional Australia or designated area.


  1. aged between 18 and 44 years;
  2. score at least 65 points;
  3. nominate an occupation on the relevant skilled occupation list;
  4. have positive skills assessment from relevant assessing authority for nominated occupation;
  5. be nominated by state or territory government (if applying for skilled nominated visa);
  6. be nominated by regional government or sponsored by eligible relative (if applying for skilled regional visa);
  7. have at least Competent English;
  8. meet health and character requirements;
  9. meet all of the policy requirements.


  1. submit Expression of Interest (EOI) under SkillSelect system;
  2. EOIs are selected monthly and those selected are sent Invitation To Apply (ITA) for residence;
  3. apply for residence visa within 60 days from receiving ITA.

EOIs are pooled and selected from the pool every month.. Highest ranking EOIs are selected first and selection points may vary depending upon the number and quality of the EOIs in the pool. EOIs for Skilled Nominated Visa are not subjected to selection points or occupation ceilings and are selected automatically from the pool upon receiving State Nomination.

Check the Latest SkillSelect EOI Selection Result.


This is a special visa granting permanent residence to New Zealand citizens who have been residing in Australia for at least 5 years on or before 19 February 2016. This visa is not points tested and there is no maximum age limit or minimum English language requirements or Skills Assessment required. To qualify, New Zealand citizens must meet the following requirements at the time of application:

  1. hold Special Category Visa;
  2. have taxable income at or above income threshold in each of the 5 years prior to application (currently AUD$53,900);
  3. meet health and character requirements;


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