Study in New Zealand or Australia and gain internationally highly regarded qualification. New Zealand and Australia offer high quality education at competitive fees and provide an opportunity to work and settle permanently in New Zealand or Australia after completing qualification and securing skilled employment through study-to-work-to-residence pathway. New Zealand and Australia both attract large number of students from across the world so you study in multicultural environment and have the opportunity to make life-long international connections. Contact us for undergraduate or postgraduate study in New Zealand or Australia or for pilot training in a leading pilot training school in New Zealand. Submit Student Enquiry Form

Study Options

Study in New Zealand or Australia and choose from a wide range of study courses in Business, ICT, Travel & Tourism, Fashion Design and many more, offered by over 1,5.... MORE

Pilot Training

Learn to fly at Ardmore Flying School a leading pilot training school in New Zealand and become a strong, decisive and skilled commercial pilot. If you are passionate ab.... MORE

Study in New Zealand

New Zealand is an increasingly popular study destination and attracts increasing number of students from around the world as it offers following advantages: gain an i.... MORE

Study in Australia

We give below a few interesting facts about Australian education and why you should consider study in Australia: it attracts the third highest number of international.... MORE

Post Study Work Visa

Study in New Zealand and Australia provide a step towards gaining residence post-qualification through the Study to Work to Residence pathway. Post Study Work Visa (Open.... MORE

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