About Us

Kaimah Immigration Consultants established in 2002 and based in Auckland specialises in immigration to New Zealand and Australia and also assists students wishing to study in New Zealand or Australia. We specialise in skilled, business and family migration to New Zealand and Australia and over the years have assisted many individuals and families to settle in their dream country.


At Kaimah we pride in providing high quality, professional and timely service to our clients. Pervez Suntoke, our immigration adviser is licensed by the Immigration Advisers Authority of New Zealand and registered by the Migration Agents Registration Authority of Australia and as such is governed by the respective Code of Conduct intended to protect clients. You can therefore expect professional and ethical service standards and have remedies should things go wrong. Besides professional service and client protection, we also offer following advantages to our clients aimed at providing a relaxed and stress free experience. We

  1. enjoy high visa approval rates over the past 15 years;
  2. provide a hassle-free and relaxed experience to our clients;
  3. advise our fees and service terms upfront to enable you to take an informed decision;
  4. enter into Service Agreement so each of us is aware what is expected of us;
  5. lock our fees for entire service duration for agreed service period providing financial certainty;
  6. do not charge out-of-pocket expenses over which you have no control;
  7. do not withhold original documents and passports and promptly return them once file is closed.


Come and experience our friendly, professional and hassle-free service. Contact us if you wish to migrate to New Zealand or Australia or study in New Zealand or Australia. Submit Visa Enquiry Form if you wish to apply for New Zealand visa or Australia visa or Student Enquiry Form if you wish to study in New Zealand or Australia.

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